A downloadable Dodge for Windows

Dodge! Dodge! Dodge! You have to dodge the incoming balls or you will die! Dodge is a 2d Action game where you have to survive and dodge balls.

Controls                          Controller Controls Xbox 

Move Right : D               Move Right: Joystick right

Move Left: A                   Move Left: Joystick Left    

Jump: W                                    Jump: A

Block: O                                    Block: B

Crouch: P                               Crouch: Y

Roll: I                                         Roll: X

Pause: Esc                              Pause: Start

Blocking works for 15 seconds after you blocked for 15 seconds you can no longer block so use it wisely.

Game is in development phase report bugs in comments thank you.

More information

Published 95 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorsA-Tech Gaming, WinterLynx
Tags2D, Action, balls, Ludum Dare 38, sprites, Survival

Install instructions

Download both files to your computer make sure the exe and folder are in the same location thanks.


Dodge Alpha 0.0.4.rar (28 MB)

Development log


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High Score is 2.00.66 xd

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Wow, that update is great !! I hope you guys stay engaged as much in the future keep up the great work but the game kinda has a pointless feel if you get what I'm saying.

yea I understand xd its gonna get there.

my high score is 1.25 you should add a point system thats not time

this game is actually pretty fun try including more levels and hopefully great gamemodes. the only thing that kind of weirded me out was the way the block didnt reflect the balls they just phased through. keep it up tho.

High Score: 48.20 not good, but will increase it

xd mines is around 1:20

Current high score is about 1:30. Very good start! Continue on refining and toying around with things.

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